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Eco-Friendly Shaving Gifts|Christmas 2019

Features of our Eco-Friendly shaving gifts include: Sustainable and ethically made gifts Handmade in Ireland 100% Natural Shaving Soaps Vegan Friendly Shaving Soaps Sustainable Aluminium Packaging 120-150 shaves per product-less packaging & waste than conventional shaving soaps Designed for Traditional Shaving – No Aerosoles

Christmas Gifts For Men|Luxury Shaving Gifts

Looking for Christmas gift ideas for the men in your life – we have you covered. Our products are award-winning, natural and handmade in Ireland. Our shaving gift products are 100% natural, biodegradable and vegan-friendly. Our shaving soaps are formulated for a traditional shaving experience which is kind to your skin and the environment.

Christmas Shaving Gift Sets

We have a full range of unique shaving gift sets to choose from this Christmas 2019. Our shaving gift sets are handmade in Ireland featuring our all natural award-winning shaving soap and high quality pure boar bristle shaving brushes. Our unique affordable shaving gift sets start from €24.95 offering fantastic value with pure boar bristle […]

Luxury Shaving Gift Set with Pure Boar Bristle Brush & Stand

Featuring our Luxury Natural Shaving Gift Set with a pure boar bristle shaving brush and stand and pure natural shaving soap. This is our most popular shaving gift set as it offers fantastic value for money containing a high-quality boar bristle brush & stand and our award-winning natural shaving soap. Our customers love the stand […]

Highly Recommended|Testimonial|Natural Shaving soap

This is our latest testimonial from a return customer for our award winning natural shaving soap. The customer states that the shaving soap does not dry out his skin. In fact our shaving soaps are made from high quantities of natural oils which lubricate and protect the skin during shaving, reducing razor burn, cuts, pain […]

Superior Shaving Gift Sets|Handmade In Ireland|from €24.95

Featuring our shaving gift set which includes a high-quality pure boar shaving brush and our award-winning natural shaving soap. This shaving gift set contains our pure natural shaving soap, made from high quantities of natural oils which protects and lubricates the skin during shaving, greatly reducing razor burn, cuts, pain, and irritation. The shaving set […]


BIODEGRADABLE AND ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY PRODUCTS Our pure natural shaving soap is formulated using high quantities of natural oils which results in a glycerine rich shaving soap which will not dry your skin out. The high quantity of oils also lubricates and protects the skin, reducing razor burn giving a smooth and comfortable shave every time. […]

EXCELLENT TESTIMONIAL|Superior Natural Shaving Soap

Check out our latest excellent customer testimonial for our Luxury Natural Seaweed Shaving Soap. This is a very genuine testimonial from our return customer who has been using our natural shaving soap for 8 months. The customer states ” the lather is so luxurious and rich one lather does face and head”. Our natural shaving […]


Special Offer on our all natural handmade soap range, 3 soaps for €12, fantastic value for money. We want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to make the switch to more eco-friendly biodegradable products thus avoiding unnecessary plastics in the home. USE BIODEGRADABLE PRODCUTS AND AVOID HARMFUL CHEMICALS LEAKING INTO THE […]

Irish Seaweed Soap|Handmade in Ireland

Seaweed soap made in Ireland

Our 100% natural cold process Seaweed Soap is a genuine seaweed product containing the beneficial properties of two types of seaweed, Bladderwrack, and Kelp. This handmade seaweed soap contains actual pieces of seaweed when the soap is used, the natural seaweed reaches the surface and so massages the skin, releasing its numerous benefits and excellent […]