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Traditional Soaps Preferred Option Against Coronavirus

Natural soaps are highly effective at killing the Coronavirus. Our natural soaps are made using traditional soap making methods which has its origin thousands of years ago. The traditional bar of soap is now being hailed as the preferred option to prevent transmission of the coronavirus. According to the Irish Times Article-“Why Soap Can Kill […]

Soaps Available at Discounted Prices for Coronavirus

Natural Handmade Oatmeal Soap

This is an unprecendented time and demand for our soap products have increased enormously. Here at Natural Ireland we are working hard to keep our stocks of soap up and ensure that our high quality soaps are available to all who need them. We have discounted all our soaps by 10% to bring the cost […]

Soap Kills The Coronavirus

FANTASTIC NEWS!! Soap kills the coronavirus. According to the Guardian “‘Soap dissolves the fat membrane of the virus – and the virus falls apart like a house of cards and dies.’ Read the full article here Check out our special offer on natural handmade soaps here

Advanced Sensitive Shaving |100% Natural

Pure handmade soap for a natural shave.

Our shaving soaps are formulated for sensitive skin. All of our shaving soaps are 100% natural containing gentle natural ingredients which reduce irritation and sensitivity. It is the high quantities of oils used in our shaving soap formulations which deliver exceptional razor glide, reducing razor burn, nicks and cuts. These high quantities of oil also […]

150 Shaves|1 Single Shaving Product

Do you shave every day? Our customers report that they get up to 150 shaves from a single tin of our shaving soap, that’s 4 times longer than your average tin of shaving foam or gel. If you don’t shave every day, a single shaving soap can last up to a year, in fact many […]

Valentine Discounts|Luxury Shaving Gifts

Discounts for Valentines Day continue off our luxury shaving gift sets for him. 10% discount off our shaving gift sets and 10% off our handmade shaving soap range. 100% natural, bidegradable and sustainable shaving soaps, suitable for sensitive skin. Offer ends 14th of February All orders shipped for next day delivery.

Valentine Gifts for Him|Discounted Prices

Superior quality shaving gift sets available at discounted prices for Valentines Day. Shaving gift sets starting from €22.45 with 100% natural handmade shaving soap and pure boar bristle shaving brushes. Our shaving sets are designed for traditional shaving with high quality pure boar shaving brushes. Our shaving soaps are 100% natural, made with high quality […]

Valentines Offer|Gifts for Him|10% DISCOUNT

For that special guy on Valentine’s Day we are offering a 10% discount off all our shaving gift sets. We are offering 10% discount off all our traditional shaving gift sets and 10% discount off our natural shaving soap range. Give him the gift of a pure natural traditional shaving experience on Valentine’s Day 2020. […]

Valentine’s Shaving Gift Set For Him

His skin deserves a superior natural shave on Valentine’s Day! Give him the gift of a pure luxurious shaving product on Valentine’s Day, a shaving soap which keeps on giving offering protection with less irritation and sensitivity that conventional foams. The added benefits of traditional shaving techniques offered with this shaving gift set, result in […]

Eco Friendly Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Celebrate the holiday of LOVE by showing some LOVE for the earth. Treat your Valentine to an eco friendly shaving gift set on Valentines Day. Our shaving soaps are colorant free, cruelty-free, and created with 100% natural ingredients. All our soaps are also biodegradable, packaged in aluminium containers which are widely recycled and sustainable packaging. […]