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Special Offer on Luxury Cold Process Soaps

We offer excellent value on our loxury cold process soap range. Purchase 3 cold process soaps for €12. Remember all our cold process soaps are suitable for sensitive skin as they are 100% natural. We have many customers who return for our soaps products as they are completely natural and do not irritate sensitive skin. […]


HURRY OFFER ENDS 31ST OCTOBER We are offering 15% discount off all our luxury shaving gift sets until 31st October. All our shaving gift sets deliver a superior wet shaving experience. Enjoy all of the benefits of a traditional shaving experience with our award winning shaving soap at discounted prices until the end of the […]

SPOOKACULAR HALLOWEEN OFFER-15% Discount off Luxury Shaving Gift Sets

In our spookacular Halloween offer all of our shaving gift sets are discounted by a massive 15%.  Have a luxury shaving experience this Halloween with our award winning shaving soap and feel the benefits of traditional shaving techniques. This offer is available on all of our shaving gift sets. There are nine shaving sets to […]

Beautiful Cold Process Soap Range

We have a beautiful range of cold process soaps. All our cold process soaps are handmade made from high quality natural ingredients such as food grade olive oil and therapeutic grade essential oils. In addition all of our cold process soaps have added natural exfoliants in the form of flower buds and seeds wholegrains and […]

Cold Process Soaps Contain NATURAL GLYCERIN

Did you know that natural cold process soaps contain natural glycerine? Natural glycerine is formed in the soapmaking process. Glycerine is a natural humectant, which draws moisture to the skin and is naturally moisturing for the skin. Natural cold process soaps retain all of the natural glycerin and are excellent for dry or sensitive skin. […]

Irish Men Love Our Natural Shaving Soap

Irish men are feeling the benefits of our natural shaving soap especially those with sensitive skin. Read our latest testimonial for our award-winning shaving soap. “Lads! Shaving soaps are first class! I use a cut throat to shave and have pretty sensitive skin to most shaving soaps, but all those soaps are 5* quality. Oily […]

Special Offer-Luxury Cold Process Soaps

Special Offer 3 luxury cold process soaps for €12. Soaps include: Goats Milk Shea Butter & Honey Seaweed Soap Unscented Manuks Honey & Oatmeal These soaps have the added benefits of: Seaweed, Oatmeal, Shea Butter, Manuka Honey & Goats Milk These cold process soaps are excellent for sensitive skin reducing irritation and sensitivity. Shop now […]

Alternatives to Microbead Exfoliators

Microbead Ban in Ireland Ireland is soon to follow the UK and France’s lead and introduce it’s own leglislation to ban harmful mircobeads. Mircobeads are tiny beads made of plastic which are added to cosmetic products as an exfoliant. These microbeads absorb chemicals such as pesticides and flame retardants which are ingested by marine animals […]

Wet Shaving | Traditional & Best

For the person who prefers a wet shave, we have high quality shaving soaps available in semi-solid form that are terrific for getting up a rich lather that creates a lubricated base to enhance the shaving experience. Good quality shaving soaps  are made from a mixture of ingredients that create an excellent lubricating layer that makes […]

Another Excellent Testimonial

Thank you James for your excellent testimonial for our Seaweed Shaving Soap. We really appreciate our customer feedback and are delighted that so many of our customers are enjoying our luxury natural shaving products. James – June 26, 2018: “The Seaweed is a very unique and compellingly complex offering. I thought the scent was inviting, […]