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Discount 10% | Fathers Day Gifts | Irish Gifts

On the first Father’s Day post the time of the coronavirus pandemic we would like to offer our customers a 10% discount off all of our luxury shaving gift sets to make it a little less expensive for you to treat your special dad. Our male grooming range of gift sets contain our award winning […]

Fathers Day Gifts 2020|Ireland

This is a Father’s Day like none other, as we are just starting to come out of our pandemic lockdown in Ireland. It is important now to have some normality back in our lives starting with Father’s Day when we can treat our dads to something really special to say “a big thank you for […]

Soap, “One Of Our Most Valuable Medical Interventions” against COVID19

“In an age of robotic surgery and gene therapy, it is all the more wondrous that a bit of soap in water, an ancient and fundamentally unaltered recipe, remains one of our most valuable medical interventions” This quote is from an excellent Irish Times article titled “Why soap can kill coronavirus – and how its […]

Gardeners Soap for Hard Working Hands in the Time of COVID19

Person Working in a garden

Gardening is hailed as one of the most beneficial activities to maintain our physical and mental well being during the coronavirus pandemic. It is absolutely no surprise that people have been spending a lot of time in their gardens during the pandemic and there has been a growing appreciation for outdoor spaces, nature and its […]

Moisturising Soaps For Handwashing During Covid19

Natural Soaps Handmade in Ireland

Alleviate problems with dry, chapped skin. During the coronavirus pandemic we have had many enquiries from customers who are having problems with dry, chapped skin as a result of frequently sanitising and washing their hands during the day. We constantly advocate for people to use high quality, nourishing, natural soaps as a means of protecting […]

Leitrim’s Soap Makers provide essential products during Covid-19

by Editorial Team | Apr 24, 2020 | Latest | Read full published article here Many thanks to the Leitrim Design House for their excellent article in the Leitrim Observor supporting our efforts as soap makers as we continue to supply essential products during the Covid19 pandemic. The article is very informative on the central […]

Its Official!!|Soap Dissolves The Coronavirus

Natural Bar of Soap for handwashing

Take it from the science experts, hand washing with a bar of soap is the most effective way to stop the spread of the corona virus. Watch Professor Luke O Neill here on the Late Late Show describing how hand soap dissolves the virus. As a soapmaker, for me, this is fanastic news “hand soap […]


Natural Handmade Soap Sale for the Coronavirus Pandemic

Please REMEMBER – Soap is the preferred option to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, COVID-19. According to this article in the Guardian, …soap is a highly efficient way of killing the virus when it’s on your skin… Soap and water breaks down the virus and washes the microorganisms off your hands. Our soap discounts […]

Natural Soaps for Handwashing|Coronavirus

Handmade Soaps

We can all save our hands a little during the pandemic by using natural soaps which are less harsh than many other sanitizing products. Natural handmade soaps contain glycerine which helps to stop your hands from drying out during hand washing. Glycerine attracts moisture to the skin which helps prevent dry cracked skin. We are […]


Natural Handmade Soap Sale for the Coronavirus Pandemic

We have discounted all our handmade soaps to €4.95 to help prevent the spread of covid19 and encourage people to wash their hands as often as possible for at least 20 seconds to break down the virus and wash it away.