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Our shaving soap is made from a natural blend of oils, this results in a superior shaving soap containing high levels of oil which lubricate and protect the skin during shaving. Razor burn, cuts, and nicks are greatly reduced giving a smooth comfortable shave every time. Traditional shaving techniques also ensure that ingrown hairs are […]


Our shaving soap is made from 100% natural ingredients. It is formulated using a special blend of natural oils and butters which combine to make a shaving formula which lubricates and protects the skin during shaving. Razor burn, nicks, and cuts are eliminated giving you a smooth, comfortable shave. As our shaving soap is 100% […]


Featuring our Traditional Shaving Gift Sets starting from €24.95. This shaving gift set is terrific value, it contains a high-quality pure boar bristle shaving brush and our handmade shaving soap which delivers over 120 shaves per product. That’s over 4 months of shaving if you shave every day. If you don’t shave every day our […]

Superior Natural Shaving Soap

Our shaving soap is made from natural oils and butters which are formulated to create a superior waxy foam which protects the skin during shaving. The high content of oil and glycerine in our shaving formula ensures that you have a comfortable shaving experience and your skin is moisturized after shaving. Our shaving soap also […]

Glycerine Rich|Handmade Soap

Did you ever wonder why handmade soap is moisturising for your skin in comparison to other soaps? The explanation is in the soap making process. Handmade soap is made using a traditional method which results in glycerine being formed in the soap. Glycerine is a humectant; it attracts/absorbs moisture from the air. When you wash […]


Handmade soap is an incredibly environmentally friendly product as it is biodegradable which means that it breaks down into natural materials in the environment without causing harm. So you can rest assured that what goes down your plughole after your daily shower or bath is not adversely affecting the environment.

“This One Tops The Lot”

TESTIMONIAL MAY 2019 This is one of our latest testiomonials for our Natural Shaving Soap. We are always delighted to get feedback from our customers. Our customer experience is important to us. “Every shave is super-smooth, without nicks or cuts” these comments prove that our shaving soap is effective and aids a more comfortable, smooth […]

Handemade Soap|Kind To The Envirnment

We are excited about the positive and growing interst in reducing plastic in the home. Our handmade soap is crafted with the environment foremost in our thoughts, and thankfully, our customers are now looking to plastic-free handmade soap as an alternative to plastic packaging in the home. And our customers are also moving to handmade […]

“Best I’ve Found”|Shaving Soap|Testimonial

TESTIMONIAL May 2019 We are very grateful for feedback from our customers. It is very gratifying for us and it helps to inform other men who may be experiencing problems shaving of the benefits of natural shaving products. The customer states that “razor burn is gone” and “no more ingrown hairs”. This is the results […]


Delighted that we were featured among the TOP 10 gifts for Dads on The Irish Times Father’s Day Gift List. ”Shaving Gift Set €25.45 until Monday, June 17th, from Self-care is for dads, too, you know. This luxurious shaving kit includes stout-and-seaweed shaving soap and a boar-bristle brush, for a traditional wet shave, plus […]