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Coronavirus Hates Soap & The 20-Second Rule

20 second soap

Coronavirus hates soap because soap is very effective at killing the virus. Soap not only kills the virus but it also washes the the remains of the virus down the sink. We must not forget that soap and water are the preferred option to sanitiser. 20-Second Rule For Handwashing The hands must be washed for […]

Special Offer on Handmade Soaps

Our limited special offer on our pure natural handmade soap range continues on our website until September 30th 2020. Our Soap Offer include: a) All our single soap are €4.95 b) 3 x Goats Milk and Shea Butter soaps for €12 c) 3 x Manuka Honey and Oatmeal Soaps for €12 The coronavirus is still […]

Sustainable Shaving-Foam Up With Biodegradable Shaving Soap

We are all for guilt-free shaving and a return to traditional shaving, which offers the most sustainable way of shaving on the market. We make a range of 100% natural shaving products for traditional shaving. All our products that are biodegradable and sustainable while protecting the environment and your skin. Traditional shaving was the original […]

Biodegradable Shaving Soap

100% Biodegradable

Our shaving soap is biodegradable. This fanastic news means that when you use our shaving soaps you can be assured that we never use any harmful chemicals that could adversely effect the environment. You can be confident that what goes down the plug hole after your daily shave will have no harmful effect on our […]

Still the Best Protection against Coronavirus

Natural Bar of Soap for handwashing

All you need is a bar of soap to protect against corona viruses. Statistics coming out of Australia show that the incidence of Winter influenza is vastly reduced because of the hand washing protocols introduced to manage COVID 19. This is not a surprise because for centuries people have relied on traditional soap for cleansing […]

At last, Environment-friendly Packaging is Coming

Plastic Bottles

Large multinational companies are responding to the pressure from consumers to reduce plastic waste in their products. We are delighted to see that Johnnie Walker Wiskey is to be sold in paper bottles. According to BBC News “Diageo, the drinks giant that owns the brand, said it plans to run a trial of the new […]

“Champion Green” Pledge Your Support Today

As an Irish business we are so delighted to support this serious new initative in support of local Irish businesses. It’s called “Champion Green” and it is sponsored by Kilkenny Design & Visa in association with Retail Excellence, Chambers Ireland and Small Firms Association (SFA). The Director of the SFA, Sven Spollen-Behrens, said today at […]

Switching To Bar Soap

Many of our customers have switched from liquid hand & body soaps to bar soap. And from an environmental point of view, they tell us they are delighted to be rid of the plastic bottles used in pump-action soaps and shower gels. Typically our customers will have a bar of soap beside the kitchen & […]

Use Biodegrable Products for Handwashing

Natural Bar of Soap for handwashing

We all understand now that one of the main protections from the spread of the coronvirus is handwashing – washing with soap and water. We have been told countless times that a simple bar of soap is highly effective in destroying the coronavirus as soap breaks down the virus. We all have come to terms […]

Handwashing Long Term

We are all feeling more positive now as we emerge from the lockdown. Handwashing and social distancing have certainly helped to flatten the curve and of course the determination of the Irish people to protect each other cannot be understated in the fight against the coronavirus. Of course we cannot be complacent as the threat […]